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I'm Aditi

My love language is receiving gifts. But even more, I am infactuated with giving gifts. The hunt to find the perfect gift is so exciting. And I know I acheived success when I hear, "how did you know?". After being told repeatedly that I am a "gift whisperer," I thought why not put these skills to good use. So I started a personal gift shopping service to help busy people with all their gifting needs. I love talking about gifting the unexpected to my family and friends so much so that I began this blog to share my tips and insights to help you too become a gift hero. I hope my blog will become your go-to-place for all your gift ideas. Everything from DIY to the most elaborate (or maybe both!). And since much of my inspiration comes from my family, I might as well introduce them to you now. Mick is my husband. He is the oil to my water and together we are the best tahini! (sorry, we love food jokes!). My first-born is Adiveer. He is 6 going on 20. I am not ready for him to be so grown. My baby, Aviiraj, is almost two and a monster. The cutest monster, but man those terrible twos hit early! Welcome to my gifting world. I hope my page helps you create ever-lasting memories with and for your loved ones. So, let's get ready to gift the unexpected!

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